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A Model for Success Based on Real World Experience

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Managing With Respect - Program Highlights
Managing With Respect takes years of expertise and condenses it into a concise program that will excite students, reinforce academic lessons and trigger discussion for even more learning experiences that will provide an additional dimension to your business course. The information alone represents a tremendous accompaniment to a business curriculum, but there is even more . . .
Managing With Respect - Process

The author begins by describing the model and its components, and then subsequent chapters address 13 typical management processes and how each principle applies. Students will gain valuable insight without ever leaving their classroom or dormitory.
Managing With Respect - Part of Your Business Class

Implementation can be tailored as necessary to meet the requirements of your academic calendar, faculty and students. This offering also includes interactive “Speak with the Author” sessions via webinars and support for email correspondence with active students as they progress through the program.