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A Model for Success Based on Real World Experience

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Introducing a Unique New Book and Program for Sharing "Experiential Capital" With Managers and Business Students


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R    e    s    p    e    c    t

Just as the One Minute Manager permeated organizations with its brief yet expressive story telling format, the Managing With Respect (MWR) program serves as a Professional Development Tool or as a supplement to a school's curriculum for business students.  This work contains a real world model for success and contains poignant illustrations based on hundreds of trial and error experiences.  As the words above indicate, the three key principles of Knowledge, Communication and Organization are critical competencies within the model that has Respect as its foundation and overarching Metrics to monitor performance.
Written to provide easy to understand principles and concepts of managing people and business resources, the MWR model is a powerful tool that provides a new learning dimension for supervisors and students alike.  See Excerpts for more detail.

Professional development services include seminars tailored to the needs of the organization. For business schools, use the MWR chapters throughout the semester or as a concentrated separate unit on "real world" business learning within the class.
Click on: What You Will Learn.

Added Value:
"Speak with the Author" of MWR on periodic webinars or in person. Q&A via email is also provided as part of the program for all enrolled students and teachers.
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